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Mississippi Valley State University

Itta Bena, MS

Welcome to Campus Dining where you get to experience...the #LuxeLife! The luxe life is a term crafted to convey the attention to detail, commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service that will be felt and experienced when you are at our dining locations. We are looking forward to serving you so let's get connected! 1- Hit the ADD CONTACT button to save all of our information. 2- Hit the CONNECT button to join our contact list.

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John Inman District Manager

John Inman
John Inman

Brittany Clemons Office Coordinator/ Service Manager

Brittany Clemons
Brittany Clemons

Danita Crowder Retail General Manager

Danita Crowder
Danita Crowder

Nekeisha Carr Catering Director

Nekeisha Carr
Nekeisha Carr